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Usually after you fill out an application, the next step is to complete a medical exam. The insurance company should pay for this at no cost or obligation to you. A nurse will come to your place of work or home at the most convenient time for you. The goal of the medical exam is for you to have as best results as possible so that your premiums are low. Here are some tips on what you can do to prepare for the exam so that you will pass with flying colors.

1. About a week out before your exam try to be as healthy as possible. Avoid high fat and sugary foods and minimize the use of salt. The goal that you should have is to be as healthy as possible so that when the nurse does the exam, you have the best results possible!

2. Try to schedule your exam sometime in the morning, right after you first wake up. I typically recommend that the exam is taken around 7 or 8 am so that you can get on with your day and not feel worried about the exam all day. Since most of us work 5 days, most nurses will come to your house on the weekend. Also, when you wake up in the morning your body is usually the freshest and cleanest it will be all day.

3. Avoid alcohol at least 3 days before your exam. Alcohol is processed by the liver and can cause the enzyme levels to rise. No hard alcohol, wine or beer!

4. Stay away from all recreational drugs for at least a week as well. The best advice is not to use them at all however.

5. The night before eat something very light. A salad and vegetables is usually the best option. Don't eat steak or anything that will raise your cholesterol. Avoid desert as well as this will cause a spike in blood pressure. Think healthy!!

6. If your exam is scheduled for the next morning, then eat an early dinner. Eat you last meal by 8 pm and then just drink water.

7. Fast for 8-12 hours!! This is the most important part! You should have nothing else going into your body after 10 pm.

8. Do not participate in any strenuous exercise the night before. Go to bed early and get a good night's sleep. You want to feel good and relaxed the next day.

9. When you wake up in the morning do not drink any kind of caffeine. Caffeine quickly raises blood pressure and can have negative effects for your exam. No coffee, tea, fruit juices. Just drink water. Don't have breakfast or smoke tobacco.

10. Have a list of all your doctor's information, medical history, and current prescription drug use readily available. Just relax and be confident your results will be great!
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