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The football crazy city of Manchester is home to not one but two great football teams. The Manchester United Football Club is by far the more popular one although Manchester City also has a lot of supporters. The city is very clearly divided into red and blue factions when a match is played and supporters come out in full strength in order to cheer on their teams with a variety of football cheers and chants, with the Reds clearly trumping the Blues in every way.

Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA, SMA ML, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA Toge, anak sma bugil, anak sma bohai, sma telanjang. Man Utd certainly has the premier position, and not just in this city because it is considered by some to be the most popular football club in the world. Its rival club in the city, under the leadership of manager Roberto Mancini, has been putting in a lot of effort to improve its standings and therefore increase its popularity. The club owners have also been pouring an immense amount of money to achieve this objective. According to certain estimates, this campaign has already cost them hundreds of millions of pounds. There was a time when the Blues were the far superior club and they had won major trophies long before many of today's popular clubs did.

Many people say that what separates Manchester United Football Club and its rival from the same city is the basic culture of the club. Man Utd is a club that commands immense loyalty from its players and supporters whereas City is simply not able to do this. Sir Alex Ferguson has had a big hand in how United behaves as a club and it is his firm yet considerate handling of all the people around him that makes the club what it is. There are many players who move on from United when they get better offers but they always maintain a fondness for it because of its culture of loyalty.
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Manchester United Football Club might be having a lot of difficulties with its owners but there is no denying the fact that this is a club that values human relationships a lot. It is this that ensures that its supports fill the stands whenever it plays a match. City, on the hand, seems to suffer from an identity crisis and it is also unable to command a great deal of loyalty. It remains to be seen how City can handle the crisis it has faced for a long time now and try to bridge the gap between it and Man Utd.

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